5 Amazing Color Schemes for Your Kitchen.

When you think of kitchen, what comes to mind is a place of fun and lots of joy.  Of course this is where food is prepared and this is where the whole family convene most of the time.  For these reasons kitchen should be special and has to presentable and a place of comfort.  Here are some kitchen colour schemes you might want to consider for your kitchen.  Each of the combinations create varied moods and feel but they are all interesting.

Colours are all lovely but there is such a thing as bad colour combinations.  So, here are some great colour schemes having great colour combinations which you can use in your kitchen.

  1. Warm

If your tastes are geared toward bold and bright shades but at the same time you don’t like your kitchen to be an extension of the rainbow, what you can do is choose analogous colours like  red and orange.  Such combination of red and orange makes your kitchen filled with energy and excitement.


You can actually visit some  shops and you’ll be amazed by the gamut of warm colours among kitchen fixtures with varying shapes, styles and sizes.

  1. Bold and Neutral


If you  prefer such a combination, a good strategy is to keep expensive kitchen fixtures with neutral tones; items like kitchen countertops, floors and cabinet fronts.  Utilize bold colours in inexpensive things like paint on walls which is easy to change from time to time.

  1. Bold Traditional Palette


Yes, this  combination can produce a great look.  You see bold colours are not just meant for modern kitchens.  You can have a red range and then set it in a really dark chocolate casing.  You can also use tiles with traditional colour but with intricate designs in bold colours.  Don’t worry about the tiles competing with the red range, it won’t.

  1. Splash of Yellow


I love yellow and it’s somewhat warm and I think that kitchen should be warm.  That’s just a personal preference.  I imagine beige and white at the background and splashes of yellow all around.

5.  Cool analogous colours


Analogous colours gearing towards cooler colours create a serene atmosphere at the same time sophistication.

Those are just 5 colour schemes among many others.  If you are ever thinking of remodeling your kitchen, do not limit your choices in this presentation.  You can actually experiment and basically design is more of a personal taste and I am sure you have your favorite colours in mind.  You can  work on that and should you need any help, well, you can just message me and I will be very happy to share with you my thoughts.

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5 Great Places to Buy Second-hand Furniture

Are you bored with how your space looks like?  Have you ever thought of getting it some exciting feel but you are short to buy new things for your home? Stop asking yourself these questions and give it a new feel.  If you are someone who likes a themed space, go ahead and don’t let finances stop you.  There are great places to buy second-hand furniture.   Now don’t frown.  Second-hand furniture in these shops are awesome.  You will be amazed by how great they are for a very reasonable price.


Here they are:

  1. All Sorts

This is a must-see place.  You will find the items very charming and you will enjoy looking from among the treasures of this second-hand shop.  Personally run by the owner, he makes sure to bring delight to anyone who enters his shop.  If you are looking for great tables, chairs or bookshelves, you will surely find it here.

What is also nice shopping here is that the shop is not too huge so it is easy to check on their items.  Mr. All Sorts is always there to assist whatever it is you are looking for.

  1. Past Caring

Go to North London and find Past Caring.  If you are looking for vintage designs, they have it.  The good news is the prices are affordable.  When you get to a shop showcasing the items you are looking for at a reasonable price, there is no reason for you to shop anywhere else.

  1. The Cobbled Yard

This is another place where you can find antique furniture.  But unlike other shops, here, they sell restored furniture.  If you find something that matches your taste, you do not have to worry about restoration because it is ready to use.

  1. Pitfield London

Are you the type who likes odd looking furniture?  If so, this is where you should go.  They have awesome coffee tables to choose from.  You will also find unique decorative pieces.

  1. Alladin’s Cave

If you happen to chance to visit Aladdin’s Cave, be ready with your eyes.  The pieces of furniture you’ll see there are extremely interesting, you might want to buy all of them.  From rocking chairs to dressing tables, from cabinets to bookshelves, that is how varied the items in this shop.

  1. Alfie’s Antique market

You might find Alfie’s Antique to be a magical place.  There are different shops here and sell great assortments of furniture.

  1. Haynes Lane Market

You will be fascinated if you visit Haynes Lane.  There is just a lot to see in this market.  If you are on a budget, you have to be conscious about it because you might be buying the first thing you will see.

Now that you have an idea on which places to check, all you need to do is schedule a time to visit some of these shops.  I assure you, you will be able to find what you have in mind.

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5 Amazing Home Hack Ideas

It is always refreshing to come home from work when everything is in place.  Our home should be our haven where we can feel relaxed after a day’s work.  Generally people dislike clutter.  But you see, when we just have so many things to do, we tend to throw things everywhere and when the time comes we need to use a particular item in the house, it could take us hours to find it.

Here are some 5 amazing home hack ideas that will help you organize your home.

  1.  Shoe box dividers

Our goal is to achieve some organization in every part of our home.  Do you know that shoe boxes can be very helpful?  You can actually make them into dividers.  All you need to have are scissors, glue and of course several boxes.  Cut these boxes in sizes that would fit in the drawer you are making the dividers for.

  1. Pegboard for your dressing station

Women are fond of accessories.  Accessories are difficult to store.  What you can do is buy some pegboards. Secure a pegboard in the inside of your cabinet.  It will then become an organizer where you can hang your scarves, belts, necklaces and some other accessories you have.

Can you imagine how this organizer can simplify your life?


  1.  Velcro tape for your kids’ stuffed toys

Velcro is very useful.  You can choose a wall where you can stick a Velcro tape, maybe several strips.  It depends on how plenty the stuffed toys your kids have.  Once you have attached a Velcro to the wall, you can just keep the light weight stuffed toys by sticking them on it.

Kids can keep their toys on their own.

  1. Magnets to organize your medicine cabinet

We love it when we can see things we are looking for quickly.  One of the things you can use magnets with, and it is not really surprising if you think of it, is to utilize it as an organizer in your medicine cabinet.  What you can do is attach several magnets inside your cabinet and when you are done you can store bobby pins, tweezers and some other grooming materials on hand.  With that, it is super easy to find them in plain sight.

  1. Keep cleaning products using tension rod

Bathroom is a special place for everyone.   We don’t want it to be topsy-turvy.  What you can do is utilize a tension rod and secure it under your cabinet.  You can hang your cleaning sprays and scrubbers.  It makes things accessible and clean.

These home hack ideas may seem very simple but the benefit it brings is beyond the time and expenses you have incurred.  When you are home, life will be perfect.  You can take it easy and relax to be ready for another day of work.

Take time to try these ideas one weekend.  Do a little shopping.  You will be happy with the results.  You may even recommend it to your friends.


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Conservatories vs Orangies – Which to Choose?

If you are planning to extend your home, what comes to mind are conservatories and orangeries.  Both are ways to achieve a bigger space in an affordable manner.  Both of these are actually extraordinary extensions and can add more value to your home.  What is it going to be, conservatories or orangeries?

Let us examine the benefits of each to help you decide.

Benefits of Orangeries

Orangeries have multiple uses.   It can be used as your home theater, dining, lounge or you can actually make it as a bedroom.


Instead of mainly glass, an orangery is made of masonry or bricks designed to create a perfect match with the main house.  Windows are from ceiling reaching the floor.  The roof takes a lantern design.  It is most of the time perceived as substantial when compared to a conservatory.  Orangeries are very similar to traditional extensions.  They are designed to be complementary to the existing building.

A topmost advantage of an orangery is the control of sunlight. For properties facing the south, orangeries are fitting. Home owners need not worry of too much exposure to the sun.  You will be happy to know that orangeries provide sufficient sun protection.

Conservatories and orangeries utilize modern materials and technologies to give your home the warmth needed come winter time and the coolness you need in summertime.  The walls are pretty well insulated such that you can use it throughout the year. Would you believe that there is a thing called self cleaning glass?  This means that maintenance is very minimal.

The contemporary orangery is a combination of good lighting and excellent ventilation without taking the practicalities of what a sun room should be.  If you wish that you will have a natural lighting, efficient double glazing and a very stylish spot in your house, then an orangery might just what you want.

You can utilize your orangery as a living room, kitchen, gym or home office.

Conservatory Benefits

A conservatory considers the outside environment.  This being said, the design makes sure that the outside environment is brought inside.  For example, the view of your garden is very visible when you are inside.  In terms of versatility, a conservatory has more of it than an orangery.  It comes in varied styles and shapes.  Its construction is rather straightforward and can complement various home designs.



Conservatory is an evolution of orangery.  Today, because of its style, it is said to lean more towards luxury living.  It can be utilized as a lounge or play area, dining room or storage room.  There is no limit of what you can do if you opt for a conservatory.

In terms of usage, both conservatories and orangeries are equal.  The difference lies in the construction and design aspects.  Conservatories are much versatile.  It is easy to match with existing structure.  Since its main focus is to bring the outside environment, it is more see through.  Meantime, orangeries bring you a more private environment.  Its focus is on the masonry or brickwork.

Your choice would really be dependent on your preference based on the benefits and style it can bring your home.

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